Steps to a Flawless Spray Tan

Have you ever wanted to try a spray tan, but just don’t know what to do before and after? Or, have you had a spray that didn’t come out so well? Here is a step by step process that will help you get the best possible outcome for your spray tan!

Pre Party

Shave and exfoliate.

Moisturize (preferably the night before).
Avoid heavy, oil based creams.

We provide disposable bikinis.
Otherwise, wear what you are comfortable in.
Guys, please cover your junk.

Bring loose, comfy clothes (preferable dark)
and some flip flops to change into.
Wearing tight clothing will cause your tan to rub off.

The After Party

Don’t plan on wearing a bra. Sports bras are even
worse. Think hippy. No bra, loose clothes before your
first rinse.

Avoid anything that will make you sweat and do not
shower for 8 hours, minimum. We have an express so
lution if you need to rinse sooner.

Don’t rub it off, literally. When you shower, get out of
the pool or work out, PAT DRY. You’ll be doing
yourself a solid.

Everyones skin is different , but most spray tans last
5-7 days, sometimes up to 10!

Enjoy your gorgeous NEW TAN!